Cluster Facts

  • The Milky Way belongs to a cluster of 30 galaxies called the Local Group.
  • The Local Group is seven million light-years across.
  • There are three giant spiral galaxies in the Local Group, plus 15 ellipticals and 13 irregulars, such as the Large Magellanic Cloud.
  • Beyond the Local Group are many millions of similar star clusters.
  • The Virgo cluster is 50 million light-years away and is made up of more than 1000 galaxies.
  • The Local Group plus millions of other clusters make up a huge group called the Local Supercluster.
  • Other superclusters are Hercules and Pegasus.
  • Superclusters are separated by huge voids (empty space), which the superclusters surround like the film around a soap bubble.
  • The voids between superclusters measure 350 to 400 million light-years across.