Coordination Facts

  • Coordination means balanced or skillful movement.
  • To make you move, your brain has to send signals out along nerves telling all the muscles involved exactly what to do.
  • Co-ordination of the muscles is handled by the cerebellum at the back of your brain (see the brain).
  • The cerebellum is given instructions by the brain’s motor cortex (see the cortex).
  • The cerebellum sends its commands via the basal ganglia in the middle of the brain.
  • Proprioceptors are nerve cells that are sensitive to movement, pressure or stretching. Proprioceptor means ‘one’s own sensors.
  • Proprioceptors are all over your body – in muscles, tendons and joints – and they all send signals to your brain telling it the position or posture of every part of your body.
  • The hair cells in the balance organs of your ear are also proprioceptors (see balance).