Cortex Facts

  • A cortex is the outer layer of any organ, such as the brain or the kidney.
  • The brain’s cortex is also known as the cerebral cortex. It is a layer of interconnected nerve cells around the outside of the brain, called ‘grey matter’.
  • The cerebral cortex is where many signals from the senses are registered in the brain.
  • The visual cortex is around the lower back of the brain. It is the place where all the things you sec are registered in the brain.
  • The somatosensory cortex is a band running over the top of the brain like a headband. This where a touch on any part of the body is registered.
  • The motor cortex is a band just in front of the sensory cortex. It sends out signals to body muscles to move.
  • The more nerve endings there are in a particular part of the body, the more of the sensory cortex it occupies.
  • The lips and face take up a huge proportion of the sensory cortex.
  • The hands take up almost as much of the sensory cortex as the face.