Daniel in the Fiery Furnace

Daniel in the Fiery Furnace

Many years passed and King Nebuchadnezzar soon forgot what he had said about Daniel’s God being the only one. Instead, he built a giant statue of gold and called this his god. He sent out an order.

“Whenever the royal music is played, everyone must fall to the ground and pray to this statue. Anyone who doesn’t will be thrown into a blazing furnace to die.”

Before long the king’s men noticed that the three best friends of Daniel were not praying to the golden statue. If they had, they would have broken God’s law which states, “I am the Lord your God. I will be your only God. Do not make statues and worship them.”

When Nebuchadnezzar heard this he sent for Daniel’s friends. He called them by their Babylonian names.

“Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego, is it true you will not worship my statue?”

The three men stood firm. “We can never worship your god. Even if we are thrown into the blazing furnace our God is able to save us from it.”

The soldiers threw Daniel’s friends into the furnace but when they did it was so very hot and the soldiers were the ones who died!

Then the king saw something which was even more amazing. The three men were no longer tied up but could walk between the flames. They did not suffer at all, but what was even more astounding was that a fourth man was with them and He shone brighter than the fire itself. Could this have been Jesus Himself, sent by His Father to comfort the three men?

The king ordered the men to come out. When they walked out of the fire the fourth man had disappeared. Daniel’s friends were safe!

The king shook his head.”Incredible! Surely your God is the greatest. He protects those who trusts Him. From now on no one is allowed to say anything bad about your God.”