Dog Behavior Training

You will need to integrate the new puppy into socializing with people outside your immediate family. Some of these guests may not like dogs, and could be nervous, especially if you have a large breed. This can cause complications since the dog will undoubtedly be able to sense this by jumping up at a visitor while they are sitting down. Although this may seem quite appealing behavior in a young puppy, it will be seen in a totally different light with a large adult Irish Wolfhound. Again, consistency when training is important, and it is generally better not to allow dogs on to furniture. Otherwise, cleaning the room inevitably becomes more difficult as

Instead, provide a suitable bed in a corner. of the room. it is important to teach your dog to return here when required. After an initial greeting of a visitor, tell your dog to sit in its bed using the command ‘bed’.

There are several ways of accomplishing this, and it is of the greatest importance that you teach the puppy to recognize its bed. This can be carried out last thing at night, once the puppy has been outside to relieve itself. By this stage it will be ready to sleep, and you should give the word ‘bed’ at this time, placing the puppy back in its bed if necessary.

Once the puppy is properly toilet trained it may be more convenient to move the bed out of the kitchen into another room in the house. Your dog will still identify with its bed in a new location, especially if a piece of familiar bedding is provided. Once the teething phase has passed you may want to get a new bed, rather than a cardboard box with its sides cut down. Wicker beds may look attractive, but can be difficult to clean properly, which will be necessary from time to time, especially if your dog suffers from fleas. A solid plastic bed is an ideal refuge for fleas at all stages in their life-cycle. Since fleas do jump, of course, there is no certainty that they will not occasionally land on a chair, but the likelihood is greatly reduced if the dog is kept off furniture.

If you wish to keep the dog’s bed outside your sitting room, in the kitchen for example, you can still provide a bean bag so there will be no need for your dog to climb on the furniture. Choose a brand with a removable outer cover, so this can be washed easily, while, as a precaution, the contents should be fire-retardant. Your dog can be trained to stay or sleep here while you are talking to visitors in the room or, indeed, sitting there on your own.

A dog will not be deprived if it cannot use a chair. As creatures of habit, you will find that they soon do not even attempt to climb on furniture, but voluntarily retire to their bed. Try to place this in a quiet corner of the room away from the door, especially if you have young children. The puppy can then be left alone to sleep with relatively little disturbance.

Never forget that small puppies can grow into large dogs, as shown by this Pyrenean Mountain dog. There is little space left to sit down here, while the dribbling habits of some dogs will not improve your sofa’s condition. You may prefer to discourage your dog from sleeping on the furniture, even while it is a puppy.

If the dog fear, he may respond aggressively. At first you may well have to put the puppy on its leash and keep it close to you if it is not to be an annoyance when visitors call. Obviously the puppy will be curious and should be allowed to meet your guests. However, it should not be allowed to continue making a nuisance of itself
hairs are shed over the chair covers, and there is an increased risk of flea infestations.

These troublesome parasites, which now thrive throughout the year in centrally-heated homes provided that the humidity level is not too low, can bite people as well as dogs and cats. The crevices at the sides of chairs provide

Bean bags of various types are now used widely for dogs. They are ideal for large breeds, or individuals which have a back ailment of any kind and may find it painful to curl up in a basket.

Dogs large and small will frequent the bedroom if they have an opportunity, but this should be discouraged. You may otherwise find yourself being badly bitten by fleas.