Doubting Thomas Bible Story

Mark 16:14-16; Luke 24:36-48; John 20:19-21

The Story of Thomas

Jesus Returns

Jesus appeared to His followers. They had been hiding in a house when Jesus Himself suddenly appeared out of no where!

“Peace be with you!” Jesus said. The disciples were very frightened. They had locked all the doors. Since no one could enter, they thought Jesus must be a ghost. He told them they should have believed the stories told by Mary Magdalene. He was disappointed that they had not believed.

Then He said to them, “Why are you so frightened? Why do you doubt what is in your hearts? Look at My hands and My feet. Touch Me and see A ghost doesn’t have flesh and bones like I have!” Then Jesus asked for something to eat. He wanted to prove He was no ghost.

He told them everything was happening just as it was written long ago. The books by the prophets, Moses and King David had said this would happen.

“You have seen all these things. Now go into all the world and tell them what has happened. That will be your greatest job.”

Jesus left the room. The disciples looked at each other in wonder. It was all too good to be true! Yet it was true. Jesus had risen from the dead! He was with them again

The Story of Thomas

John 20•24-29

One of the eleven disciples was missing. This was a man named Thomas.

After Jesus was gone, Thomas came back to the room where everyone was hiding. When he entered, the disciples told him, “Thomas, oh Thomas, it is true! We’ve seen Jesus! He’s alive! “He said to them, “No. I won’t believe it unless I see the nail marks in His hands. I have to put my finger where the nails were. If I can put my hand into His side, then I’ll believe you.”

Eight days later, Jesus visited the disciples again. This time Thomas was with them. Jesus walked right through the locked doors. “Peace be with you,” He said. Then He said, “Thomas, come here with your finger and see My hands. Touch the wounds in My hand. Put your hand into My side. Stop doubting now and believe.”

Thomas felt very ashamed for not believing. He hung his head, “My Lord and my God!”

Jesus answered him, “Is it because you have seen Me, that you now believe? There will be many who do not see and are still willing to believe. Those people are special to Me.”

Jesus was talking about people like you and me.

Do you believe or are you like doubting Thomas?