Drooping Eyelid

What is a Drooping Eyelid?

A drooping eyelid over the open eye may sometimes occur and affect one or both eyes. Some babies are born with this as a congenital defect. In others it may occur throughout life in people with fat, heavy eyelids, or with fluid in their eyelids. Sometimes it is an indication of an internal disease (such as myasthenia gravis, a nerve disorder; muscular dystrophies etc). The progress of the symptom will depend on the cause, and how successfully this is treated. If slight, the ptosis is best left. Surgery is sometimes effected for cosmetic reasons, or if vision is being disturbed.

Occasionally one sees a child with a drooping eyelid. Is this serious? It may not be serious – it’s certainly not life-endangering – but may be unattractive cosmetically. As the child becomes older, it may become an embarrassment. What causes this?

It may be due to a weakness of the muscle of the eyelid, or a partial paralysis. There may be other congenital anomalies present elsewhere, and the doctor would have checked for these. Sometimes the child will tilt the head back in order to see clearly.

Drooping Eyelid Treatment

Is treatment necessary? It depends on how serious the condition is. Mild cases are probably best left. More obvious ones may require the surgical attention of a cosmetic or reconstruction surgeon. Very good results are possible.