Ear Injuries

Cuts, foreign bodies or infection are the usual causes of ear injuries that may be effectively treated. When ear injuries are serious, affecting hearing function and the balance of the body, and when ear injuries are associated with severe head injuries, medical attention is urgently required. This article tells you about what to do where there is an ear bleeding and how to remove an insect from an ear canal.

Ear Injuries Symptoms

Ear injuries symptoms will vary with the type of ear injury. Ear injuries symptoms could include:

  1. Bleeding or fluid from the ear, which could indicate a fracture at the base of the skull or a ruptured eardrum.
  2. Deafness.
  3. Pain.

What to Do in the Case of Bleeding From the Ear

  1. Do not plug the ear canal or administer any eardrops.
  2. Place the casualty in the stable side position, the injured ear facing downwards and resting on a clean pad.
  3. Seek medical assistance urgently.

Ear Injuries Treatment

What to Do in the Case of a Foreign Body?

  1. Check to see if foreign body is firmly lodged, but do not probe.
  2. Seek medical assistance.

What to Do in the Case of a Trapped Insect?

  1. Speak words of reassurance to the patient, as the buzzing of a trapped insect can have an unnerving effect.
  2. Use an eye-dropper to place a little lukewarm water or vegetable oil in the ear canal.
  3. If the insect does not float out, seek medical assistance.