Easy Cushion Embellishments

  1. Trace your design on to the backing paper of the fusible web. Place the sticky (fusible) side face down on the wrong side of the fabric. Fuse in place with a hot iron.
  2. Cut out the motif around the marked line and peel away the backing paper.
  3. Place the motif, sticky side down, on the main fabric and press with a hot iron.  

Inserting Eyelets 

  1. First mark the eyelet positions with a pencil, spacing them evenly.
  2. Place the plastic disc underneath the fabric at the first mark, then place the cutting part of an eyelet- tool over the mark and strike with a hammer to punch the hole.  

Clipping Curves and Corners 

  1. To allow a curved seam or a hem to lie flat, it is helpful to snip the seam allowances. Cut out small triangular shapes along the edge, taking care not to snip through the stitching.
  2. To clip corners, carefully cut straight across the corner near to the stitching as possible.
  3. Starting at one corner, pin both edges of the ribbon parallel to the hem, making folds in the corner. Machine stitch the ribbon all around to attach to the fabric and tuck the excess ribbon under at the corners to form a neat diagonal seam.
  4. Next, ladder stitch the seam together. This is done by simply making horizontal stitches between the folds and running the needle through the fold.