Electric Blanket Safety

Electric blankets may be a hazard with small children, and extreme care in their use is recommended. With the low price and general availability of these blankets, most families now use them. Generally there is little harm, for they conform to national standards and are safe.

But used with sick children, they may cause the sudden rise in temperatures that have been known to predispose to very high fevers and even convulsions. A sick child is frequently overheated. The added warmth from an electric blanket can push this to higher levels. This is more likely at night, when the child is asleep.

Never leave your child alone at night with an electric blanket turned on at any level but medium or low.

As the night progresses, warmth is often automatically and naturally generated by the bedclothes. Additional heat is often unnecessary.

This is a cautionary note, for greater numbers of cases are being reported where dangers have arisen. Overheated bodies produce overheated brains. Convulsions, especially in the very young, may take place.