Emotional Symptoms During Second Trimester Pregnancy

Most women find the second trimester to be a more positive experience that the first, as they are now beginning to feel the movements of the life with them. Most husbands by now have accepted the existence of the pregnancy, and are as excited as the woman about the movements of the baby. During the second trimester, men frequently also become more aware of their wife’s growing dependence on them. As the pregnancy progresses, the woman may feel more vulnerable and may need her mate’s attention more. She may want him to become more involved with the pregnancy and the baby. In addition, she may become overly concerned for her husband’s safety. Meanwhile, the husband may share the woman’s interest in the pregnancy, or he may feel an increased creative interest in his work or hobby. He may gain weight or show other symptoms of pregnancy. These are all ways in which expectant mothers and fathers deal with the stresses and changes that are occurring. It is important for both partners to be aware of and to talk about their feelings, especially when friction arises between them.

A woman’s dreams may become very real during this trimester and are sometimes disturbing. Dreams are a way of bringing fears to consciousness, where they can be dealt with more easily. If a woman refuses to acknowledge her fears, she may suffer increasing anxiety.