Emotional Symptoms During Third Trimester Pregnancy

During the third trimester, most women focus more and more on the baby, and on labor and delivery. Most parents consider the search for a name to be an important past time. They also spend time preparing an area in the house for the baby. Almost all women by now have accepted that they are pregnant and are able to differentiate their babies as real people, separate from themselves.

Time during the third trimester seems endless. Many women count on their doctors to bring the end of their discomfort and may be very discouraged if go a week or more beyond.

Because of their large size, some women experience a drop in self-esteem during the first trimester. They need the people around them, especially their husband to reassure them that they are still attractive.

You can use your preoccupation with labor and delivery to your advantage this time. Gather as much information about the birth experience as possible. Read books, take classes, and talk to new mothers. However, avoid people who repeatedly attempt to discourage you from taking prepared childbirth classes or who dwell on negative birth experiences. You need to keep a confident, relaxed attitude toward the upcoming event. Do not avoid your fears.

Do not avoid your fears but at the same time, do not allow negative thinking to dominate you. Most chances for a positive birth experience are to a great extent determined based on your attitude. Fear and anxiety create negative experiences.