Exercise Facts

  • When you exercise, your muscles have to work much harder than normal, so need much more oxygen and glucose (a kind of sugar) from the blood.
  • To boost oxygen, your heart beats twice as fast and pumps twice as much blood, and your lungs take in ten times more air with each breath.
  • To boost glucose, adrenalin triggers your liver to release its store of glucose.
  • If oxygen delivery to muscles lags, the muscles fill up with lactic acid, affecting your body for hours and sometimes causing cramp.
  • The fitter you are, the quicker your body returns to normal after exercise.
  • Aerobic exercise is exercise that is long and hard enough for the oxygen supply to the muscles to rise enough to match the rapid burning of glucose
  • Regular aerobic exercise strengthens your heart and builds up your body’s ability to supply extra oxygen through your lungs to your muscles.
  • Regular exercise multiplies muscle fibers and strengthens tendons.
  • Regular exercise helps to reduce weight when it is combined with a controlled diet.