Eyelid Twitching

It’s also called a tic, or technically “bleoparospasm.” It means the child commences blinking the eyes frequently, or commences to twitch them. It may sometimes follow on from an eye irritation where the child gains some relief from constantly blinking, opening and closing the eyes or making grimaces. When the underlying condition clears, it may right itself automatically. But more often the real cause is some emotional psychological stress. It may be tied in with other facial contortions and unnatural movements.

It’s well worthwhile having the child’s eyes medically examined. If there’s some obvious disorder, this should be treated adequately. This may improve the condition. But if there’s no disorder, it may indicate a psychological stress situation, and this may be much harder to treat.

There may be domestic stresses and anxieties children may or may not be aware of, but which are being reflected in their outward actions. Psychological counseling may be necessary.

In adults with severe spasming, specialists are now injecting the muscle involved with botulinum toxin. This stops the spasm. It is new and a very delicate procedure, but very successful.