Facts About Australia

  • The Aborigines make up 1.8 percent of Australia’s population today, but they were the first inhabitants. The word aborigine comes from the Latin aborigine, which means ‘from the start’. Aborigine cave paintings and tools have been found in Australia dating back to at least 45,000 years ago. Aborigines prefer to be called Kooris. British people and Irish began to settle in Australia about 200 years ago. They now form the majority of the population, along with other white Europeans.
  • Many of the earliest settlers in Australia were convicts, transported from Britain for minor crimes.
  • Many Australians have ancestral roots in the British Isles.
  • British and Irish settlers drove the Aborigines from their land and 60 percent now live in cities.
  • After hard campaigning some Aboriginal sacred sites are being returned to them, with their original names. Ayers Rock is now known as Uluru. A famous trial in 1992 returned to Aborigine Eddy Mabo land on Murray Island first occupied by his ancestors before the Europeans arrived.
  • Many recent immigrants to Australia are from Southeast Asia, Serbia, Croal is and Greece.
  • Sydney is Australia’s biggest and oldest city. Most inhabitants have British ancestry, most of the Europeans are settling there, as well as Asians. Several thousand Aborigines live there too.