First Aid on Nosebleeds

Nosebleeds can have a variety of causes, including nose picking, dry weather, or trauma (such as being hit in the nose).

Nosebleed Treatment

Nosebleeds usually do not require medical attention. If your child gets a nosebleed, follow these steps:

Have the child lean over a sink or sit in a chair with his head bent slightly forward to prevent the blood from running down the throat.

Have the child blow the nose once into tissue or toilet paper to remove any clotted blood. If any blood has run into the mouth, have the child spit it out. (Swallowing the blood can irritate the stomach.) Apply pressure with the child’s thumb and forefinger, pinching the nose near the opening of the nostrils (not high on the bridge of the nose) for five minutes or more. If your child cannot apply pressure, do it for him.

After five minutes slowly remove your fingers. If the nose continues to bleed, repeat for 10 more minutes.

If the nose continues to bleed, contact your physician.

Objects in the Nose

If you have small children, it may only be a matter of time before you will be called upon to remove a toy or other small object from your child’s nose.

Before seeking medical treatment, try to remove the object following these steps:

  • Calm the child, and ask her to breathe through her mouth.
  • Hold a tissue up to your child’s nose and have her blow her nose. If the object doesn’t come out, contact your physician. Do not try to remove it with tweezers or a cotton swab. This could damage the inside of the nose.