Flower Arranging

Flowers are infinitely versatile. Available in every tint and hue, with masses of blowsy petals or elegantly simple forms, curiously textured or sweetly scented, the possibilities for creating memorable displays appear endless. For centuries, people have decorated their homes with greenery and flowers, both to celebrate nature and to soften the hard edges of what was often a hostile environment.

Fresh-cut flowers and foliage will always be the cheapest and quickest face lift a room can have. Whether you place a few daisies in a jam jar or fill a crystal vase with show-stopping blooms such as lilies or parrot tulips, flowers take center stage in any decor.

Flowers look great when dried, too. Dried flowers are rich in form and texture and can be made into striking table set pieces, contemporary arrangements or just simply gathered into a bunch.

In fact, preserving summer flowers is a delightful occupation, requiring neither special equipment nor expertise. A visit to a florist supplier’s warehouse for inspiration is recommended, and many specialty suppliers are happy to sell to the public. At these places you will find sensibly sized reels of florist’s wire, florist’s scissors to cur through wire as well as stems, packs of dried fruit slices, tiny terracotta pots, and florist’s tape in every conceivable color. As soon as you have a collection of dried flowers – using one or perhaps several of the methods described here – you can go ahead and create handsome centerpieces, swag or two for a mantelpiece, and some wreaths for walls and doors. Your home will never before have looked so colorful.