Flower Bathroom Decor

  1. Collect together the materials you will need: a glass-covered dish; florist’s adhesive clay; scissors; a plastic prong; a cylinder of dry stem holding foam; a knife; a selection of dried flowers such as helichrysum; statice; lady’s mantle; cornflowers and rosebuds; and florist’s scissors.
  2. Press a small strip of adhesive clay to the base of the plastic prong and press it on to the centre of the base. Cut the foam to the size and shape required and press it on to the prong. Arrange a ring of white statice around the base, positioning the stems horizontally in the foam. Make a dome shape with yellow rosebuds. Put on the glass cover to check that the stems are not too tall to fit inside then remove the cover again. If the stems are too long then carefully extract them from the foam and trim the ends as necessary, using the florist’s scissors. Replace the stems as before.
  3. Arrange short stems of blue and yellow to stand between the rosebuds and, to soften the effect, add some short sprays of helichrysum and lady’s mantle.
  4. Position cornflowers evenly throughout the design. Turn the base around slowly and check that it is equally well covered and attractive from every angle.
  5. Once the cover is in place, the dried flowers will be well protected from any steam. To make a complete seal, press a narrow strip of modeling clay such as Plasticine all around the rim of the base and scatter a few highly absorbent silica-gel crystals among the dried flowers. These crystals, which are available from some chemists (drugstores), florist’s shops and camera retailers, are very effective in drawing away any moisture from the surrounding air. Press the cover on to the clay to complete the seal.


You need not confine this type of flower decoration to a bathroom. The frequently changing and sometimes steamy environment of a kitchen would be another area in which a covered arrangement would be ideal, or perhaps on a dresser or in the centre of the table. The glass cover will not only shield the flowers from changes in temperature, but will also provide excellent protection from dust and dirt. Many kinds of dried flowers are suitable for display in this way, although small flower heads look the most effective.