Getting Rid of Eye Bags

Bags appearing under the eyes are a common cosmetic problem that can occur at an early age, but is more generally observed in older persons. It is often part of the aging process, accumulation of fluid, which may be associated with heart and kidney disorders. Overweight persons may also have bags under their eyes, a condition that is merely another manifestation of their general excessive fat deposits.

Eye Bag Treatment

There are a few simple measures aimed at maintaining good health that may assist with this problem. They are worth trying before resorting to professional help.

Correct weight. Overweight persons should aim at reducing to a normal weight. Often the face responds rapidly and can produce satisfying results.

Sensible living. This can play a part in enhancing the general physique of the face, as well as the system generally. Getting adequate sleep at night, eating sensible low-kilojoule food, exercising moderately each day, maintaining personal hygiene, getting plenty of fresh air, attending to constipation, avoiding disagreeable foods, drinking adequate fluids (water is best), and avoiding emotional stresses can all assist.

Further treatment. If simple diet and other measures do not bring any obvious improvement, it is worth visiting the physician, who will carry out a routine along these general lines.

Medical examination. A check will be made for any underlying disorder. Allergy may be playing a part. It may be due to fluid retention, which in turn could be secondary to heart, kidney or other disorder. Tests may be necessary to discover the primary cause. If some disability is found, the doctor will order treatment to correct this.

Reconstructive surgery. If all systems are clear, the doctor may recommend “plastic” or “reconstructive” surgery. This is usually carried out by a surgeon specially trained in this field. The prolapsed fat may be removed, and any loose skin present in the lower eyelids may also be removed. The whole area is tightened up.