Gideon’s Army Bible Story

Gideon's Army Bible Story

That same night the Lord told Gideon to cross the river and spy on the Midianites. In the dark night Gideon and his servant crept toward the Midianite camp. There were thousands and thousands of them but there were many more camels than Midianites, the fields were full of camel humps.

God had told Gideo. “When you spy on the Midianites, you will overhear them and this will help you win the camp.”

While Gideon hid he heard voices inside. One Midianite soldier said to other. “I just had the strangest dream. A loaf of bread came tumbling into our camp and turned it upside down.”

“I know what that means.” The other soldier said. “That’s Gideon and his Israelite army; they will beat our army tomorrow because the one, true God is leading them.”

Gideon thought to himself. “Even the Midianites are scared of me they know God is on our side.”

Gideon thought to himself. “If the enemy soldiers are this scared, then we’ve almost won.” Gideon bowed his head and thanked God.

Gideon hurried back to the Israelite camp, woke up his soldiers and told them what he had heard. “We’ve practically won already. All we have to do is attack now, and take them by surprise. If we make as much noise as possible, they will think there are more than three hundred of us. Tonight, men, you will see how great the Lord is!”

The soldiers waved their spears in the air and cheered.

“Yes.” Gideon said. “Just like that. When I give the sign, once we’re near the Midianites cheer as loud as you can, yell out, for God and for Gideon; that will scare them!”

Gideon divided the men into three groups and sent them out to surround the enemy camp. All was quiet. Not even the camels knew Gideon’s troops were there. Then, suddenly, Gideon gave the signal. His men blew their trumpets, shouted and broke the jars that had shielded their lights. It made a terrific noise!

The Midianites thinking a mighty army had come to attack them woke up with a start and ran away as fast as they could. Because the noise came from all around them, though, they did not even know which way to run. It was a mighty victory for Gideon. He and his men lit their torches and drove off every single Midianite. Only a few got away but even those few were not safe. Gideon and his men chased these last enemy soldiers a long, long way.

“The Lord has helped us win today.” Gideon told the people of Israel who all bowed their heads and gave thanks to God.