Glucose Facts

  • Glucose is the body’s energy chemical, used as the fuel in all cell activity.
  • Glucose is a kind of sugar made by plants as they take energy from sunlight. It is commonly found in many fruits and fruit juices, along with fructose.
  • The body gets its glucose from carbohydrates in food, broken down in stages in the intestine. From the intestine, glucose travels in the blood to the liver, where excess is stored as starchy glycogen. For the body to work effectively, levels of glucose in the blood (called blood sugar) must always be correct. Blood sugar levels are controlled by two hormones, glucagon and insulin, sent out by the pancreas. When blood sugar is low, the pancreas sends out glucagon and this makes the liver change more glycogen to glucose. When blood sugar is high, the pancreas sends out insulin and this makes the Iiver store more glucose as glycogen. Inside cells, glucose may be burned for energy, stored as glycogen, or used to make triglyceride fats.
  • A blood glucose monitor Meeks that a person’s blood sugar is at a healthy level.