Hanging Mirror

Apart from their obvious function, mirrors can make a room seem brighter by reflecting light from the window. Mirrors can be hung like pictures as long as the fixing is strong enough to take the weight. Otherwise, they can be secured directly to the wall with special mirror clips. If they have pre-drilled holes at the corners they can be fixed with screw – ideally, mirror screws with special domes or clip-on covers (rosette fastenings).


  1. Mirrors can be fixed with pre-drilled holes, using screws plus special washers and spacers, that cushion the mirror and allow air circulation.
  2. Mark and drill the fixing holes, then thread the screw through the washer, the mirror and the rear spacer before driving the screw. Do not over tighten it.
  3. The screw head should just start to compress the washer. Cover it with a screw-on dome (rosette fastening) if using mirror screws, or with a plastic cover otherwise.
  4. If using mirror clips, first draw a guideline on the wall where the bottom of the mirror will go, and fit the fixed bottom clips at each end.
  5. Set the bottom edge of the mirror in the bottom clips, checking that it is truly level, and mark the wall to indicate where its top edge will be.
  6. Screw the slotted top clips to the wall so their top edges are just above the line. Raise them, set the mirror in place, and press the top clips down.