Herbs and Spices

The judicious use of a herb or spice, or both, can transform a dish. It’s fun to experiment, once you know what you like and which seasonings go well with what foods.
In cookery, herbs are used mainly for their flavouring and seasoning properties, as well as for adding colour and texture. They have a great deal to offer and by simply adding a single herb or a combination of herbs to foods, everyday dishes can he transformed into delicious meals.
Whenever possible, use fresh herbs, for their wonderful flavour, scent and colour. They’re widely available in supermarkets and are also easy to grow, even in pots on a windowsill. Fresh herbs impart their flavour very quickly, so chop just before using and add to hot dishes towards the end of cooking. If fresh herbs are not available, you can, of course, substitute dried. Use them in a ratio of 1 teaspoon dried to1 tablespoon fresh.
Fresh or dried herbs can be used singly or combined to bring flavour to savoury dishes.
The health benefits of garlic are well known and include helping to increase overall strength and vitality and reduce lethargy. Use it fresh or cooked, in salads, dressings and main dishes.
Essential in any store cupboard, many spices can be used in both sweet and savoury dishes. These age-old flavourings from all over the world are available in a variety of forms – whole, ground or blended – in a vast range of different types. Each spice has its own unique flavour and aroma and with a single spice, or a simple blend of spices, everyday dishes can be transformed.