How to Prevent a Heart Attack

Since this disease is the greatest single cause of death in the Western world today it is worth looking into the possible ways of reducing the risk.

Many of the causes are now well known. Likewise, many ways that will help lessen the chances of this occurring are well set out too.

Let’s go over the definition of coronary heart disease. This phrase, incidentally, is identical in meaning with ischemic heart disease, both being widely used. The best definition is one recently given by the World Health Organization. It defines it as, “Cardiac disability, acute or chronic, arising from reduction or arrest of blood supply to the myocardium in association with disease processes in the coronary arterial system.”

In medical terms, acute means sudden onset; chronic means long standing. The myocardium is the name of the total muscle that comprises the heart. The coronary blood supply is the network of blood vessels conveying blood to the heart muscles. Arteriosclerosis, a disease of the vessel wall, is the main reason for the reduction in blood supply.

Now, there are many well-known reasons for coronary artery disease. Some of these are related to the nature of food eaten. Others are not related.

The obvious corollary is that if the reasons can be recognized and subsequently prevented, the risk of heart disease and premature disability can be greatly reduced.