Jesus in the Temple Bible Story

Jesus in the Temple Bible Story

Joseph and Mary walked toward Jesus. When they reached Him, Mary said. “Child, why didn’t You try to find us?”

“We’ve looked everywhere for You. We were so worried.”

Jesus said. “Why didn’t you know where to look?”

You should have known I had to be doing my Father’s work.”

Jesus meant that since He was God’s Son, he would be in the temple, His Father’s house. As they left the temple with Jesus, they heard many people say, “How can such a young boy talk as wisely as He did?”

Jesus returned with His parents to Nazareth. There He was a good boy and did what His parents told Him, these were special years. When Jesus was twelve years old, Mary and Joseph took Him to Jerusalem for the Passover feast. The city was full of people. On the last day of the festival Mary and Joseph left to go home. They both thought Jesus was with the other children who were going back to Nazareth.

After a whole day of traveling, they asked the other children from the group. “Have you seen Jesus?”

The children shook their heads. Mary and Joseph looked at each other. Jesus was still back in Jerusalem! How would they ever find Him?

They left the group and hurried back to the city. There they looked everywhere for Him. They saw many children but none of them was Jesus. For three days they searched high and low until they began to feel desperate. They had lost their precious Son, God’s Son.

Finally, they went to the temple where the Jewish people worshiped on the Sabbath and holy days.  As they entered, Joseph spotted a group of teachers listening to someone. There in the middle of the group sat Jesus, He was the one to whom everyone was listening.