Jesus Walked on Water Bible Story

John 6:15-21

Jesus Walked on Water Bible Story

After Jesus had fed the thousands, He and His disciples climbed back into the boat.

“Go ahead of me to the other side.” He told them.

Then, he turned to the crowds. “Calm down, calm down.”

They were shouting and chanting His name for He had found a way to give them free food. However, Jesus told them. “Go on home.”

Even though there were thousands and thousands of them, the people listened. After they were gone, Jesus went off by Himself and climbed a nearby mountain and prayed until it grew dark. In the meanwhile, the disciples had been trying to cross to the other side of the lake but this was not easy to do in the dark because the wind had changed and a storm had started.

In the darkest part of the night, the storm got wild and wind came from all directions at once. They were still about three or four miles from shore when John yelled. “I see a ghost! Something is walking on water!”

But of course, it was not a ghost the person they saw passing by the boat was Jesus.

Jesus said. “Don’t be afraid! It’s just Me, Jesus!”

The disciples huddled in the far corner of the boat, too afraid to believe Him. Suddenly the wind roared and the waves formed wall around the boat. Of the little group of scared men, one man stood up. It was Peter.

“It’s Jesus!” He said to the others. Then he took a step toward the side of the boat and took a closer look. The Lord’s feet barely touched the water but He did not sink. Jesus took a step toward the boat and Peter called.”Our Lord, if it is You, tell me to come to You on the water.”

Jesus said. “Come!”

Peter put one foot over the side; it went down, down and then stopped. The he swung his second leg over and stood up, He did not sink. He took one step then another and another, all the time watching the face of Jesus. Peter was walking on water! But after a few steps, he heard the wind howling and looked down, instead of looking at Jesus and trusting in Him, Peter grew afraid. He looked at the waves around him. “How can I walk on water?” He wondered.

As soon as Peter started doubting, he began to sink. “Help! Lord, save me!” He cried out.

Jesus reached out His hand and grabbed Peter. “Oh Peter! Where is your faith? Why did you doubt?” He said.

Jesus and Peter climbed back into the boat. Once they were safe on board, the wind suddenly stopped. The disciples were so astounded they fell to their knees and worshiped Jesus. Not only had they watched Peter walk on water, they had also seen Jesus control the very wind and the sea.