Low Blood Pressure

Many people suffer the reverse of high blood pressure, that is, hypotension, which means low blood pressure. Although many doctors discount its importance, this is not the case in many European countries.

Low Blood Pressure Symptoms

Symptoms seem more common in young people, especially after stressful situations such as examinations. Overtiredness, standing for lengthy periods in stuffy areas, lack of adequate sleep at night, or infections (even mild ones such as colds and sore throats) seem to aggravate symptoms.

On suddenly standing (from a lying or sitting position), the person becomes dizzy. Shooting stars, flashes, a lack of concentration and a feeling as though one is about to faint may occur. Sometimes, if the person does not sit or lie down, he or she may faint. The blood pressure reading will often be as low as 80 or 90/60 or even less. In addition, the person may look pale, and this may worsen on standing erect.

Low Blood Pressure Treatment

Trying to avoid precipitating factors is the best suggestion. Some ephedrine-based compounds have been used, but are not very successful. Medication called Catovit seemed the best, but this is now only available (on prescription) in liquid form. Adequate rest at night, not smoking, reduced alcoholic intake, avoiding infections and treating any that may arise, trying to avoid stress situations, going easy on coffee and other caffeine-containing products is recommended. In Europe it is regarded as a “disease entity,” and prescription medication from the doctor may be obtained.