Male Hormone Therapy

Sometimes doctors add a minute amount of male hormone to the prescription. This seems to add greatly to the libido of women, and if a flagging sexual life is present, it can rapidly upgrade this. Some women automatically continue with the contraceptive pill. The pill contains the female hormone, but in amounts far in excess of what is normally needed.

Women who are having difficulty with intercourse (and this represents a large number) can gain great benefit from the use of estrogen suppositories and creams placed directly into the vagina. This rapidly brings back a thickening of the vaginal lining, improves the blood supply, improves sensitivity, and can make intercourse much more attractive.

Steroid creams applied to the vulval area can frequently benefit this part too. The use of surgical lubricating jellies before intercourse can facilitate penile entry. In short, the entire act of intercourse can be greatly improved. This can have a beneficial physical and psychological effect on both partners. It can do much to overcome the unsatisfactory situation that often persisted prior to these innovations. One lady who was treated in this manner said that intercourse had never been attractive or enjoyable in her more than 30 years of marriage. But since she used the measures suggested, she openly declared: “Life holds so much more meaning. I never envisaged it could all be so attractive, so beautiful. My marriage has now been fulfilled in a way I never believed possible.” Comments such as this are common.

Sometimes doctors prescribe mild sedation for a short period during the menopausal period if sleep disturbance takes place. Nitrazepam, temazepam and other related medication of the benzodiazepine family have now replaced the barbiturates, but they should be taken for minimum periods of time. A patient is best sleeping naturally, and not having to rely on oral medication.