Mary Magdalen

Bible Story about Mary Magdalen

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Mary Magdalen ran back to tell Peter and the rest of Jesus’ followers the good news. He and John went back with her to the tomb. It was empty, just as she had said.

Mary Magdalen watched as they went inside. She had seen them enter the tomb with looks of fear on their faces. And she had seen them come out with looks of excitement and confusion.

When the men went home to wait, she stayed by the tomb. She stood outside and cried. She felt so afraid. Was the message from the angel for real? She thought that someone might have stolen the body. Mary Magdalen did not understand what was happening.

Jesus had died. But now his body was gone from the tomb. What did it all mean?

As she cried, Mary Magdalen happened to bend over and look inside the tomb. Suddenly, she saw two men dressed in shining white clothes sitting where the body of Jesus had been; they said to her, “Dear lady, why are you crying?”

She said, “I’m crying because they’ve taken away my Lord. I don’t know where they’ve put him.”

Then she turned around and saw Jesus standing behind her in the garden. But she did not know it was Jesus. He was somehow different. He said to her, “Dear woman, why are you crying? Who are you looking for?”

Mary Magdalen thought the man standing in front of her was the gardener. She said, “Sir, if you have carried him away, tell me where you have put the body. I will take Him away.”

In that soft but strong voice of his, Jesus said to her, “Mary!” At the sound of her name she quickly turned around. Then Mary saw who he was. Only Jesus could say her name like that.

“Oh Teacher!” she cried and fell at his feet.

Jesus said to her, “Don’t touch me yet. I still need to go up to the father. Instead, go to my brothers. Tell them I said, ‘I am going back to my father and your father, my God and your God.’ ”

Mary ran back to the disciples. This news she shared with them was even more exciting than what she had told them before. “I’ve seen the Lord!” She told them all that he had said.