Mating Facts

  • In some species of Australian marsupial mouse, the male dies after a two-week mating period.
  • A beaver stays with its mate for many years, producing a new litter each year.
  • A male hedgehog courts a female by circling her, sometimes wearing a deep groove in the soil, until she accepts him.
  • Male Californian sea-lions bark to guard their mating territory. Underwater, the barks produce bursts of bubbles.
  • The hooded seal impresses females by inflating a nostril lining into a red balloon.
  • The red markings on a male mandrill’s blue and red face become brighter during the mating season.
  • To attract potential mates, orangutan males emit a series of loud roars that tail off into groans.
  • White rhino males have strict territorial boundaries. They try to keep receptive females within the territory, but if a female strays outside, he will not follow her.
  • Hippos prefer to mate in the water, with the female often completely submerged, and having to raise her head to breathe every so often.