Motion Sickness

Nausea (and in some cases vomiting that develops in susceptible individuals during automobile, airplane, train, or boat travel, as well as on certain types of amusement-park rides. This common problem can often be alleviated in a grade-school child or adolescent by teaching him to focus on the horizon rather than reading or watching objects that are at close range within a moving vehicle. Providing adequate fresh air in the car can also be helpful.

Sitting in the front seat can reduce motion sickness but for safety reasons this approach should be restricted to children over 12 years of age who can be properly secured with both lap and shoulder belts. (In general, children are safer in the bacic seat, and if the car is equipped with a passenger-side air bag, no child younger than 12 should ride in the front seat.) Dramamine sometimes reduces motion sickness if taken prior to a long auto trip or before an airplane or boat ride.