Penis Erection

Mental attitude is essential as the idea that “success breeds success” is imperative to a final beneficial result. Sometimes a short course or injection of male hormone, testosterone, may assist psychologically, if not physically. But unless there is a definite indication for it, this form of therapy must not be continued for any length of time, for there are certain risks.

Cigarette smoking damages the lining of arteries, causing the thickening and inhibition of normal blood flow. In the heart this produces angina pains. In the testicular region, it may reduce blood flow, causing a lack in the large amount of blood required for a normal erection. Erection is caused by blood surging into the normally limp penis, making it turgid and erect. It is claimed that erection problems may be the first adverse effect of blood-vessel damage and may precede damage to heart and brain vessels. Ceasing smoking at once is the best remedy.

Referral to a sexual disorders clinic will often result in the prescription of self-administered hormones such as Papaverine, Prostaglandin and others, which rapidly give a satisfactory erection. The dose is tailored to the patient’s needs. Most capital cities now have excellent referral centers with doctors specializing in these problems in attendance. Discuss it with your GP. Surgical appliances can also help. This would lead to the “silver wire” being implanted in the underside of the penis. It allows the penis to be pointed in any desired direction and assists penetration.

Another device implants a fluid-filled bulb into the groin beneath the skin. This is connected via tubes to a larger short tube embedded artificially into the penis. When the bulb is pressed, fluid is forced into the penile tube, causing an artificial penile erection, adequate for penetration of the partner’s vagina. On cessation, the fluid drains back to the reservoirs until next time. This is fairly successful, and especially with diabetics.

Getting off the sedative/ tranquillizer merry-go-round is advisable, for continuation of these in a normally healthy younger person is rarely justified. Relaxation therapy by a doctor skilled in this form of treatment may also help.