Pet Quail

Quail are small plump birds belonging to the pheasant family. They walk along the ground, rarely taking to the air. They are a great asset aviaries, adding interest and color to the ground section. have striking head and throat markings, but otherwise both colored to blend with the grassland and undergrowth. are prolific egg layers, but have a few problems. They are nervous, birds whose actual chick production is very low. The painted quail, probably the commonest, regularly lays many more eggs than dozens in a random, haphazard manner. Some of these eggs, if fertile, can be hatched artificially in an incubator set at 99.5 to 99.9 degrees Fahrenheit.

Quail should be brought into a warmer environment during the winter otherwise egg binding can easily occur. The consequences of this can particularly as the hen will hide from view if she is outside. rearing young, the normal diet should be supplemented with insects and chick crumbs.

Quail add interest to the ground section of the aviary. seed eaters and eat the same mixtures as pigeons and doves.