Picture Hanging

However beautifully walls are decorated, they will still look rather featureless unless they are brightened up by hanging some pictures. For hanging pictures there is a choice of using individual supports for each picture, or hanging them from a picture rail. Individual supports range from small plastic or metal picture hooks, which are simply nailed to the wall, or to heavy duty fixings attached with screw. Wall plugs work well on masonry walls. The choice depends solely on the weight of the picture. Use single pin picture hooks for pictures with a slim line frame up to around 60 cm or 2 ft in either dimension and a two pin hook for anything of similar size in a heavy frame. Use two hooks, one at each side of the frame, for pictures up to about 90 cm/.3 ft across, and switch to a screw in hook for anything larger. With picture rails, the standard S-shaped hooks will support reasonable weights.


  1. Traditional brass picture hooks come in one pin and two pin versions. The holes in the hook guide the pin in an angle for a firmer fixing.
  2. Small plastic picture hooks have three or more short pins to help locate the hook, and are secured by a longer pin driven through the center hole.
  3. A picture rail allows pictures to be hung in any position and at any height. Simply place the hook over the rail and hang the picture wire over it.