Planting Orange Trees

The common or sweet orange has many popular varieties of commercial importance. The orange can be grown commercially only in warmer parts of Florida, California, the Mississippi Delta and the lower Rio Grande Valley, many varieties are suited for greenhouse growing in the North. Citrus fruits, including the orange, will grow in any well-drained soil, but prefer a medium loam.

Orange Tree Culture

Orange trees, like all citrus trees, are evergreen and can be planted any time of the year except in the months of December, January and February. The best time to plant an orange tree is in March, April or May,

When you are ready to plant your orange tree, dig a hole about three feet deep and three feet wide. Place your tree upright in the centre of the hole. Then fill in with soil, packing tightly but gently around the ball, filling the hole to about one inch below the bud union, or the place the tree was grafted to the roots. Water well, putting in enough water to get right down to the roots.

Orange Tree Pruning

Pruning causes new growth which produces better fruit. All old growth that has died back should be cut off. All branches that cross each other and cause damage by rubbing should be thinned out to eliminate that condition.

Orange Tree Types

Mandarins, as well as tangerines, are species of orange. There are early and late-ripening varieties, as well as midseason ones.