Port Wine Stains

Due to its particular colouring, this birthmark is called cafe au lait (milk coffee). It’s commonly called a port-wine stain, simply because it’s the colour of port wine and may cover a blotchy area on the skin, probably the face or upper part of the trunk. Sometimes these are on the face or scalp, and may be very obvious. Smaller ones tend to gradually reduce in size as the child grows. These are present at birth.

Port Wine Stains Treatment

Various forms of treatment have been tried. Probably the most successful is removal by the laser beam, which is carried out under an operating microscope. Bit by bit the pigment may be removed from the superficial layers. Current reports say the results are good. It must be done by a doctor specially trained in this field and with the proper equipment.

Many other measures have been tried, and as the child becomes older and is embarrassed by the colour, various masking creams are available that may be effective as a temporary form of cover-up. However the best idea is to join ranks with a skin specialist with a special interest in these disorders, or a major hospital skin clinic where the full range of facilities is available. Considerable progress is currently being made in this field. I might add that there is a large range of birthmark disorders, but once again, seek professional advice from the experts.