Prickly Heat Rash

What is a Prickly Heat Rash?

This is very common with babies, and is more prevalent in hot summer months. It’s also more common in humid weather when moisture in the atmosphere becomes an added irritant. Heat rash can occur anywhere. It is common on the face, and in the folds of the neck. It can encompass any part of the neck, and may spread to the trunk or limbs. It occurs as a fine sheet of pimples. These are very irritable and baby may tend to rub at them. This does not give any relief; it tends only to aggravate the situation.

Often the condition is made worse by certain fabrics rubbing. Wool or harsh materials will irritate the affected areas. Some soaps or harsh washing products (which may still remain in materials coming into contact with the skin) can aggravate.

Preventing overheating, especially in hot weather, is important, particularly in babies that are prone to this skin irritation. The use of loose-fitting cotton garments is advisable. Avoid irritating clothing. (A mother will soon know the type of material that seems to aggravate baby most.) Plastic pants can prevent adequate aeration, and are best not used during hot weather.

Avoiding the overuse of soaps (which are often harsh in nature and irritating to sensitive skins) is advisable. Applying any of the simple soothing creams and lotions will give a certain amount of relief from irritation or itch. Calamine creams and zinc preparations in various forms can help, but basically, the condition will be cured if causes are avoided.