Samson the Lion Story

Judges 13:1-14:7

Bible Story of samson and the lion

Many, many years later God’s people were still worshiping false gods. Now their enemy was the Philistine tribe. At that time there lived a couple with a very special son, his name was Samson. Samson’s parents had never cut Samson’s hair. This was a sign that he belonged to God. They knew God had a special plan for Samson.

As Samson grew older, the Lord sent His Holy Spirit to make Samson super strong. God did this whenever He wanted to teach Samson a special lesson. Samson had a Philistine girlfriend who he wanted to marry. Samson and his parents went to the girl’s village to plan the wedding. On the way there, Samson followed his parents. They were a few hours ahead of him. At one point, he walked through a field and heard a strange sound.

“What is that?” He wondered.

Then suddenly, from out of no where, a great big lion came running at him.

“Raaaaahh!” The lion’s long teeth shone as he opened his mouth and roared.

Samson had no weapons at all, but the Spirit of the Lord came upon him. He became stronger than the strongest man. He was super strong. When the lion was on him, Samson threw him off and killed him!

Later, just a few days before the wedding, Samson passed by the place where he had killed the lion. There was a swarm of bees making honey. He went over to the lion and tasted the honey. It was very sweet.That night Samson was talking with some of the men in his girlfriend’s village.

Samson said. “I know a good riddle. Does anyone want to place a bet with me?”

“Sure, I will.”

“Yes.” All the men agreed. Samson bet them thirty pieces of linen and thirty changes of clothes. They had to answer the riddle before the eighth day after the wedding. The men agreed.

Samson said. “This is the riddle: Out of the eater came something to eat. Out of the strong came something sweet.”

No one knew the answer. The wedding took place and four days of parties passed. The thirty Philistines could not figure out the answer to the riddle so they ordered Samson’s wife,

“Get Samson to tell you the riddle’s answer. If you don’t, we’ll burn down your father’s house. Then we’ll kill him and you.”

The girl was very scared so she begged Samson to tell her. Day after day she nagged and cried, whined and pleaded. Finally Samson gave in and told his bride the answer and she told the Philistines.

Samson was angry because they had scared his new wife so he went to another Philistine village and killed thirty men and gave their clothes to the men who had won the bet. Then the Philistines hurt Samson back by making his wife marry a Philistine man. They would not let Samson back into their village. Back and forth Samson and the Philistines hurt each other.

When the Philistines started killing other people of Israel, though, Samson let his friends give him to the enemy. Then the Spirit of God came over him and Samson was able to break the rope that bound him with a giant snap!

Samson was super strong again, just like when he had fought the lion. Samson killed many Philistines on the day he broke loose from the ropes. For twenty years Samson’s enemies left him alone. He became a judge over Israel and taught the people how to follow God’s laws.