Special Messages

Revelation 1:1-3:22

When the apostle John was a very, very old man, he had a vision. It was like a great dream. Jesus asked John to write down the dream.

John saw Jesus standing in front of seven golden lamp stands. John wrote that Jesus’ eyes were like blazing fire. His voice was like the sound of rushing water His face like the sun shining on the brightest of days. Jesus told John to warn the Christians. Some had forgotten what was most important.

“You do not love me as you did in the beginning.”

The poorer churches were rich in love. Those who suffered for Christ would be rewarded in heaven. Jesus also sent a warning to some churches. They had become blind to their own problems.

“Those of you, who think you can take care of yourselves, are foolish. If you think it is better to rely on yourselves, rather than on God, you’re wrong.”

Jesus told John to remind the Christians over and over again. They should love, give, turn to God and be faithful.

God’s new world will begin when Jesus comes back to earth. Those who have followed Jesus will come from all times and places. Jesus will bring together the young and the old and especially the children. Everyone who knows Jesus and has put their trust in him will be there.