Stories of Faith

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God’s plan for Jesus at that time is that He should first try and teach the people of Israel. Later the good news of God’s love would be made known to everyone else in the world.

Many Jews chose not to believe Jesus. There were other people who did believe Jesus was the Son of God. One of them was a woman with avery sick little girl.

This woman went to the house where Jesus was staying. She knelt at His feet. She cried out, “Please help me! My daughter is very sick! Jesus did not say a word. He did this to find out how much she believed in Him.

In the same way, God sometimes does not answer our prayers right away. He does not say yes and He does not say no l. He says wait. And that is when our faith is built up and made stronger, just like muscles when we exercise.

Jesus remained silence because He know the woman was not a Jew. It was not yet time for Him to each and heal the non-Jews. It was hard for Jesus to turn away from the woman.

“Please, Lord! Please, make my little girl better!”

His disciples said, “Send her away. She’s making too much noise.”

“Right now I am only supposed to take care of the Jews,” Jesus told the woman. “It is not good to take bread from God’s children and throw it to the dogs.”

But she said, “Yes, Lord. Yet even the dogs feed on the crumbs which fall from the master’s table.”

When Jesus heard her answer, He felt His heart burn with love. “Woman, your faith is great. Because of this answer, your daughter is normal again. Go on home.”

The woman did as Jesus told her. Once home, she found her little girl asleep in bed. And she was all better!