Story about Moses and the Passover

Exodus 12:1-42

Bible Story of moses and the passover

The people of Israel were scared. When they heard what God would do, they wondered. “How will we be safe?”

Moses told them God had given them special rules. On that night, whoever followed God’s rules would be protected. The night of the last plague was hailed “Passover” because that was when God “passed over” the people of Israel. He kept them safe. Moses told the people of Israel that they should always remember Passover night. They should tell the story of what happened to their children and their children’s children, throughout the years.

On the night of Passover, the people of Israel ate lamb and bread. Before the meal, they painted the outside of their doors with the blood of the lamb they were about to eat. That way, when the Lord passed through Egypt, He would know which homes to keep safe. He would know where the people of Israel lived.

One by one as each Egyptian home discovered a dead child, a wail went up from all over Egypt. Every single Egyptian parent cried that night. And the people of Israel waited. They knew they were safe because they were God’s chosen people.

When Pharaoh saw his eldest son dead in his bed, he knew he was to blame. None of this would have happened if only he had listened to Aaron and Moses. Then Pharaoh ordered Moses and Aaron to come to him in the night and he told them. “Get out, you and the people and all your animals!”

The knock came on the Israelites’ doors.

“Now, it’s time.” They picked up their things and slung their babies onto their backs. They gathered their belongings, their cattle and sheep and left Egypt. They were on their way to God’s promised land.