Story of Joseph

Genesis 37:36; 39:1-6

Joseph traveled with the slave traders a long, long way. “Lord God,” he whispered in the hot sun. “I don’t know what it will be like in Egypt. I may have to carry stones so the Egyptians can build their pyramids. But Lord, I know wherever I am, You will be there. Please help me.”

At night while he stared at the stars,Joseph prayed for his family. “I think I know why my brothers did what they did. I was acting too proud. I’m sorry, Lord. Please take special care of my brother Benjamin. And please keep father safe so that someday I might see him again.”

After many days of traveling, the caravan arrived at a big city. They sold Joseph at the slave market. When Joseph saw his new master, he knew God was taking care of him.

The man who bought Joseph was called Potiphar. He was rich, but more important, he was kind. Joseph would not have to haul bricks for the pyramids. Instead, he could work in Potiphar’s house.

Joseph worked hard for Potiphar. He tried to find things which needed

to be done. Every time he did a job,Joseph wanted it done right, so God would be pleased.

At first Joseph kept the house clean. Then he watched over the work in the fields and made sure the meals were cooked right. Soon Potiphar put Joseph in charge of everything he owned. All Potiphar had to do was decide what he wanted for dinner every night!

Joseph grew from a boy into a man while working for Potiphar. Every job he did, he did well.

One day Potiphar’s wife looked out her window and thought, “Oh, that

Joseph is so handsome. My husband is gone on a trip for a few days. Maybe I can get Joseph to go to bed with me. “She told Joseph to come to her bedroom.

When Joseph arrived, Potiphar’s wife said, “Come to bed with me, Joseph. You are so good-looking and strong. Come kiss me.”

Joseph knew that many men would like to do what Potiphar’s wife was asking. But Joseph did not love her. Potiphar had trusted Joseph with so much. God would not be pleased if Joseph betrayed that trust.

Joseph shook his head no. “You are very beautiful,” he said, “but it would not be right.”

Potiphar’s wife felt hurt that a slave would say no to her. She tried to force him to kiss her. He pushed her off and ran away. She tore Joseph’s cloak away from him.

When Potiphar came home, his wife showed him Joseph’s cloak. Then she told a lie, “Joseph attacked me! And you thought you could trust him. Ha! What kind of horrible man did you bring into our home?”

Potiphar believed his wife. He called the guards. He told them to put Joseph into prison. “And throw away the key!” he yelled as they dragged Joseph away.