Sunday School Lesson on Abram Topic Discussion

1.Just as God called Abraham to move out by faith, so He continues to desire that Christians walk by faith today. In what areas do you need to do a little more “faith-walking”? How do you know when you’ve crossed the line into foolishly walking by blind faith?

Walking by faith, not by sight, occurs when we put the will of God first in our lives. Walking by faith will show our trust that He really does exist and is in charge. In the way we use our money and time, for example, we demonstrate who re-ally controls our lives.

Perhaps you know of someone who needs to hear the message of salvation through Christ. God may very well be calling you to be the agent through whom this person is taught. God may be calling you to give more time to a certain ministry in your church. The call of God upon our lives may be to deny ourselves something we de-sire so that the money spent on self can be used to help advance God’s kingdom on earth. All this requires walking by faith.

The faith by which we walk is a faith based on evidence from the past: God has proven His existence and His trustworthiness. We foolishly begin to walk by blind faith when our actions are not grounded in these facts. Stepping out of a third-story window and expecting God to save us is an example. God is quite consistent in the way He allows the law of gravity to operate!

2.Our timing often is not God’s timing, nor is God’s timing ours. What was an occasion in your life when you tried to force your timing on God? How did things turn out?

We often want to tell God what we want and when we want it. God may be delaying the answer to test our patience or our ability to trust Him. Since God knows all things from beginning to end, He knows what is best for us in the long run. When we press forward trying to “answer” our own prayers in our time, we preempt God’s plan for greater blessings. Failure to wait upon God and trust His Wising is to fail to allow God’s sufficient grace to have its work.

3. Five years ago tomorrow is a day etched in history. The September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks
in New York City, Washington, DC, and Pennsylvania challenged the faith of many. How do you hold to the truth that God is the Almighty in the face of such atrocities?

We must understand that see live in a fallen world where God has granted us the choice to site or not sin. Sinful atrocities do not find their source in God but rather in Satan.

Remembering God’s promise that He will be faithful to us is imperative. Remembering also how God has demonstrated His power through history, beginning wills creation and continuing through the resurrection of Christ, reminds as that God is indeed the all-powerful one. The words of the psalmist that the shepherd will be with us even in the valley of the shadow of death will help us to face the difficulties of life.

4.Covenants are based upon promises. These include promises of commitment on the part of both parties entering into the covenant. What promises of God, revealed in both His old and new covenants, help you to face life daily?

God has promised to give comfort (Isaiah 51:3)as well as hope (Hebrew’s 6:18, 19). God has promised that those who go forth with weeping for the master will return to Him with rejoicing(Psalm 126:6). In John 10:10 God has promised abundant life to His people. God has promised that those who seek first His kingdom will receive all things they need (Matthew 6:33). The list could go on!

5.We jokingly say, “God, give me patience and give it to me now!” When there is a delay in our receiving something, our faith and patience are put to the test. In what ways has your patience, and the patience of your church, been put to the test?

Answers are wide open! Sometimes we have financial hardships, personally or as a church. We want them to be taken care of now while God perhaps wants to test our patience and trust in Him. Sometimes it may be a prodigal child who causes our patience to be tested. Patience can be tested in a church when difficult people create tensions. But through all of these trials, God is not the one who will be unfaithful!