Sunday School Lessons on Jesus Topic Discussion

1.How does realizing that Jesus is almighty and eternal (the one who was, is, and is to come) have a positive effect on your faith? How should this realization affect your daily life as a Christian?

Some have credited their knowledge of the un-changeableness of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit as inspiration to keep going during difficult periods in their lives. Others are reminded that God worked positively through the events of history so that by Jesus He could unfold His plan for our salvation (Galatians 4:4, 5). Encourage students to share how their faith and Christian walk is enhanced through recognition of the unshakable faithfulness of God.

2.How will the faithfulness of those who followed the instruction of Jesus to retrieve the colt inspire you to be faithful in following His instructions?

We all struggle to walk by faith and not by sight, don’t we? Yet we can be sure that Jesus knows all about the pressures and difficulties we face (Hebrews 4:14-16). He struggled as He lived a faithful life, and God rewarded Him (Philippians 2:1-11). When we follow Jesus’ commands—even under threat of rebuke—we can be sure He will honor His promise to be with us and to use our work to bring glory to Him (see Isaiah 55:11;Matthew 6:33; 10:40-42). “Be than faithful unto death, and I will give thee a crown of life” (Revelation 2:10).

3. How can you worship Jesus with significant gifts and by speaking up during hostile circumstances?

Those who greeted Jesus honored Him with more than song. They put their clothes in the path. They spoke publicly about Jesus in a location where such talk could have resulted in persecution. When faith costs a person something, there is a quick division between “Sunday-only Christians” and those who have truly given their lives to Jesus no matter the cost.

Ask class members to share times in which their faithfulness cost them something. Remind them that Christ notices all the sacrifices made on His behalf (Matthew 25:36).

4.Many who hailed Jesus as king undoubtedly were expecting Him to reestablish the realm of an earthly Jewish kingdom. What are some ways that you can safeguard yourself from being lulled into speculating about the events surrounding His second coming?

There are many theories about haw end-of-time events will unfold. People create complicated second-coming timelines to try to satisfy their curiosity. People want to know!

Yet good students of the Scriptures cannot be led easily into endless, time-wasting speculation. Instead of majoring in unraveling mysteries, Christians are better off focusing their efforts on fulfilling the mission of the church: to seek and save the lost. This is our best safeguard.

5.It can be very difficult to reason with skeptics who prefer to focus on the imperfections of Christians. How can we tom the conversation away from criticisms of individual Christians to a focus on Jesus’ right to be king of everything? The Christian can ask the skeptic a question like, “Have you decided if Jesus is who He claimed to be?” or “When you stand before God, will Jesus claim you as one of His followers?”These are just two possibilities. Have the class list other questions that can be asked.

We also can be quick to acknowledge that being a Christian is not a ticket to perfection. Even though some boast that their behavior makes them Christians in good standing, God will be the final judge. Review with the class some steps of how to love your enemies as well as how to lead a person to Christ.

6. If you decided to live life with the kingship of Jesus always in view, how would your life change?

Christians like to think about being rescued and saved by a loving Savior. But Jesus is not just our redeemer; He is also Lord and King. Christians respond to the reality of His kingship with obedience and adoration. They kneel before His authority. Living in His kingdom is not like living in a democracy. Ask for specific examples(thoughts and actions) of how Jesus’ kingship should direct a Christian’s daily life