Temptation of Jesus

Matthew 4:1-12; 14:3-5; Mark 1:12-14; 6:17-20;Luke 3:19-20; 4:1-13

The Temptation of Jesus
After Jesus was baptized in the river,He went into the desert to pray. God’s enemy met Jesus in the desert. God’s enemy, the devil, wanted to spoil God’s plans for Jesus. He hates it when people grow close to God.

Jesus was the Son of God. He could have anything He wanted. God’s enemy wanted Jesus to choose to use His power in the wrong ways. So God’s enemy tempted Jesus.

Jesus was in the desert for forty days and nights. He had not eaten all that time. This was Jesus’ way of keeping His thoughts on God alone.

God’s enemy knew Jesus was hungry. He first tried to tempt Jesus with food. “If You are the Son of God,tell this stone to become bread.”

Jesus knew it was more important to do what God wanted. He answered, “Food isn’t the most important thing in life. What’s really important is being

near to God and doing what He says. “Then God’s enemy led Jesus to the top of a high place. He pointed to all the castles and far kingdoms of the world. “If You worship me,” God’s enemy said, “if You call me king, I will give all these kingdoms to You. “Jesus told him, “I only serve the Lord God,”

Lastly, God’s enemy led Jesus to Jerusalem. He set Him on the edge of the temple roof. It was very, very high up. “Jump,” God’s enemy said. “If God really loves You, He will send His angels to catch You.”

“You should not test the Lord your God,” Jesus said. “Now go away. I’m not going to do what you want. I’ve come here to do what God wants! “When God’s enemy left, angels come to take care of Jesus.

When Jesus left the desert He heard that John the Baptist had been put in prison by King Herod. This news made Jesus very sad.