Ten Virgins and Lamp Oil

Matthew 25:1-13

Ten Virgins and the Oil Lamps
It will be very important to be ready when the end of the world comes. To show His disciples this, Jesus told them a story. “There once were ten bridesmaids. They were supposed to be ready to welcome the bridegroom. They were part of a wedding party. “Five of these girls were careless and five were wise. All ten girls were supposed to wait along the roadside for the bridegroom to come home. When the bridegroom passed by, they would light his way with the lamps they held.

“The five foolish girls should have known they would need extra oil. They had brought only enough/oil to fill their lamps once. Each of the wise girls, however, had brought plenty of extra oil.

“They waited and waited all evening, but the bridegroom did not come. They all fell asleep because it was so late. Suddenly there was a shout, ‘The bridegroom is coming! Light, your lamps!’

“The wise bridesmaids lit their lamps. But the foolish girls had used/up all their oil a long time ago.

“Can we borrow some of your oil?” they asked the wise girls.

“They just shook their heads. ‘No. There would not be enough for all of us. Go and see if you can buy some from the shop.’ The other girls ran as fast as they could to buy some more oil. But while they were gone, the bridegroom arrived.

“Those who were ready, went in with him to the wedding feast. The door was locked. When the other girls came back from the shop, they were too late.

“Open the door,’ they called out. `Bridegroom, let us in, please.’”

“But the bridegroom said, ‘I don’t know you. Go away.’ Let this be a lesson then,” Jesus said to His disciples.

He was teaching them that someday time would run out. No one could afford to say, “I’ll change tomorrow.” Time is not the sort of thing you can borrow from other people. If you wait too long to do something, then it is too late. Now is the time to make the choice for or against Jesus. Don’t wait until tomorrow.