Tendon Facts

  • Tendons are cords that tie a muscle to a bone or tie a muscle to another muscle.
  • Most tendons are round, rope-like bundles of fiber. A few, such as the ones in the abdomen wall, are flat sheets called aponcuroses.
  • Tendon fibers are made from a rubbery substance called collagen.
  • Your fingers are moved mainly by muscles in the forearm, which are connected to the fingers by long tendons.
  • The Achilles tendon pulls up your heel at the back.
  • Ligaments are cords attached to bones on either side of a joint. They strengthen the joint.
  • Ligaments also support various organs, including the liver, bladder and uterus (womb).
  • Women’s breasts are held in shape by bundles of ligaments.
  • Ligaments are made up of bundles of tough collagen and a stretchy substance called elastin.