The Gift of the Magi

Matthew 2:1-10

Gift of the Magi
A while later, Mary and Joseph had some very important visitors. They were wise men from far away lands in the east. They had seen the bright star in the night skies. They believed something great had happened. So they traveled a long distance. They went to King Herod in Jerusalem.

“We believe a King of the Jews has been born. We saw His star in the east. We have come to worship Him,” they said to Herod.

Herod knew nothing about Jesus’ birth. He asked the religious leaders, “Where is the King of the Jews supposed to be born?”

“In Bethlehem,” they answered. They knew the answer because that was what the prophets had said many, many years earlier.

“When did the star appear?” Herod asked the visitors. Herod wanted to find out as much as possible about this new king. He did not want anyone taking away his throne. Herod was very cruel and thought of a plan. He ordered the wise men, “Go and honor Him. When you have found Him, come tell me. I want to do the same.”

The wise men went to Bethlehem. They followed the star until it stopped. When they went into the house, they saw Baby Jesus in Mary’s arms. They smiled and laughed. Their long journey had been worth it. They had found the baby.

The wise men unloaded their camels. They had brought rare and beautiful gifts to the little family. Mary and Joseph’s eyes grew round. “Why,these are gifts fit for a king,” Mary whispered to Joseph. He nodded. One of the wise men bowed before her. “We’ve traveled a long way. The star showed us where to go. Here is gold for a great King.”

The second wise man came up to Mary. “It doesn’t happen often that such a large star suddenly appears. That baby will be the greatest of all men.” He laid a jar of myrrh at Mary’s feet. Myrrh is very special perfume, which could only be worn by very important men.

The third wise man smiled at Mary and Joseph. “This is incense for burning. It will make the air sweet. Incense is pleasing to God. We don’t know how, but this King is both man and God.”

Mary and Joseph thanked the men. They all bowed their heads in prayer.  They thanked God for bringing Jesus into the world.

The night before the visitors were due to go back home, they had a strange dream. In the dream God warned them not to go back and see King Herod. The wise men believed the dream. They went home a different way.