The Story of Creation

Genesis 1:1-19

Bible Story on Creation

A long time ago there was nothing but darkness. It is hard to picture just nothing, but that is all there was except for God.

So God made light. That way there could be day and night, instead of only darkness.

Then God made the earth and divided parts of it into oceans and seas and other parts into big pieces of land.  God made all the plants and trees and made them grow on the land.

In the sky God made the stars and planets. He made the sun and moon so there would always be a day after every night.

When God looked at all the water covering the world He made big fish and little fish. Some were too small to see.

For the sky He made large birds and small, in many colors. They were bright blue, dark green, brown,purple, red, black and white.

When He looked toward the land God saw grass blowing in the breezes and ripe fruit hanging from the trees. He knew it was a good place for animals. He made tiny bees and giant elephants, crocodiles, sheep and lions, all different sorts of animals. But they did not have names yet. There were just the right animals living in just the right places and not too many. And there was plenty of food and water for them all.

At that time there were no people on the earth. God wanted to make someone who was like Him. God put His hand in the dirt. He picked up a handful of dust, blew on it, then created a life that was the first man.

God brought all the different kinds of animals to Adam. “Call them whatever you want,” God said. So Adam called one a hippopotamus, and another a butterfly. Once Adam had finished, God saw that not one of the animals was right for being Adam’s special helper.

So while Adam slept, God took apart of Adam and around that part He made someone who was like Adam, but different. She was the first woman. When Adam woke up he was very happy. “Here is someone who can be my friend,” he said. But she had no name.

When God finished making Adam and the woman, He was pleased. He decided He would rest for one day. He blessed all that He had made.

God chose the prettiest part of the earth and gave it to Adam and the woman. It was a garden called Eden. In Eden all the animals lived peacefully with each other. No one was afraid.

Adam and the woman loved God very much. They walked around their garden with no clothes on because they had no reason to feel ashamed. For them there was one thing even better than all the dazzling flowers, tall trees and lovely smells in Eden. It was that they knew God loved them very much.

God told Adam and the woman they could do whatever they wanted. There was just one rule they must follow. God said, “You may eat fruit from any of the trees here except one. And that is the tree of knowledge of good and evil.” The two people understood.