The Tower of Babel

Genesis 10:1-11:4

Noah’s sons had many children who had Many children who had many more children. The families spread out across the land. They learned how to farm, raise animals and build great cities.

Because they all came from the same family, all the people spoke the same language. When a stranger came from far away, everyone could know what he said.

Some of the people plotted together.

“Let’s build the biggest and best city ever built so we can be famous. Then we won’t have to wander anymore. We will finally have a home.”

The people were clever. Instead of using stones, they made bricks. They stuck the bricks together with tar, instead of mortar. Their walls were the strongest and highest ever. And they were very proud of themselves. They chose not to thank God for the things they used for building.

“We are so smart,” they said.

Inside the city was a huge tower. The people thought they were such good builders, they could make that tower as high as the sky.

When God saw what the people were trying to do, He knew He must stop them. Otherwise they would soon think of themselves as gods instead of people. They would be too proud, which is not healthy. So He mixed up their language.

The people no longer spoke one language, but many. If one man said “Hello,” the other man did not know what he had said. It was hard to get anything done, let alone finish a great tower!

The city they never finished building was called Babel. This meant “Confused,” because there the Lord confused the language of the whole world.